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Update on OnlineGameing AVP game For PSP
4:47 PM

Details on AvP Game for PSP
Game News | 8/10/2007 | 19:46 PST -

avatar-8130.gif picture by pvtpredator

The upcoming AvP game for the PlayStation Portable was featured in PSP Magazine. It's a full preview!

"it's in the official psp guide on sale in uk now, with the white slimline psp on the cover.

"Multiplayer mode so far seems to be co-op...a group of friends can team up in a predator clan and try to survive against an onslaught of a.i controlled aliens.

"screenshots include what seems to be the crashed predator ship from the first movie, which released a crapload of alien facehuggers (somehow) and a pred alien into the sleepy town it crashes in. it sounds a lot like the first script that was panned in that sense. you see one shot in particular of the predator in the shrine, seen in the last scene in avp, where the pred-alien chestburster emerges.

"the game has an honour points system- you are deducted points for killing unarmed humans, but gain them for worthy kills (armed humans from the national guard, and of course, aliens). you also get honor points from saving civillians from horrible certain doom at the hands of aliens. you can also earn more points by doing missions without your mask, although you will lack vision modes (which include normal, thermal and alien-hunting mode). this is your currency to buy upgrades. if you bag an alien who has been on a particularly notable killing spree, you get more points than on your usual run of the mill xeno.

"upgradable weapons, including spear, throwing disc, wrist blades and new kinds of shoulder blasters- including duel cannons on your shoulder, and a ''hand held'' fast firing cannon.

"third person view, much like the predator concrete jungle videogame (but looks better).

"The article says thrown in the mix along with aliens and pred-alien is the national guard. you do see what seems to be a military esque human vehical in one section."

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